Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Chairman's Message


As reported last year, the births and the long term efforts of the Tanjung Manis Bulkers Sdn Bhd who is pursuing Crude Palm Oil (CPO) storage bulking facilities in Tanjung Manis have borne fruits.

The earth-breaking ceremony for the Palm Oil Bulking Storage Facility at Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC) Tanjung Manis on 3rd August 2015 is another significant milestone for TMP. This project will provide a positive impact to investments in Tanjung Manis as an important Centre of economic growth in Sarawak Corridor of Renewal Energy (SCORE).

The Palm Oil Bulking Storage Facility at POIC Tanjung Manis is the first palm oil-based industry in POIC Tanjung Manis, and the pilot project was initiated by Tanjung Manis Bulkers Sdn Bhd - a joint venture between Pusaka Capital Group and KTS Group of Companies.  The facilities in the storage facility includes bulk storage of palm oil with a maximum capacity of 64,000 metric tons, a refinery with the capacity of 1,200 metric tons per day, downstream oleo-chemical industry oil, and other value-added downstream industries.  The capacity of the storage facility could also be increased from time to time based on demand.

I am pleased that Tanjung Manis is in final lapse of completing all the infrastructures, utilities and social amenities development required under SCORE initiatives. The next phase would witness more investments in fish meal, Food Processing and Halal Hub’s large scale agriculture and aquaculture.

For TMP to successfully achieve its vision, TMP will continue to attract traffic, develop capacities and capabilities, improve costs and fund management, as well as developing new businesses. Simultaneously, TMP will also reposition itself to serve the SCORE in the provision of port services and facilities including terminal operation and management.

I wish to take this opportunity to express my utmost appreciation to our staff and management for their loyalty, hard work and dedication to excellence.  My heartfelt appreciation also goes to business associates, business community, the State Government and the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Communications for their support.  We look forward to your continuing partnership to steer TMP towards greater height of success in the near future.

Last but not least my special thanks also to my colleagues on the Board for their wise counsel, contribution and commitment towards the cause for a greater TMP.


Datu Haji Sarudu Bin Haji Hoklai
Tanjung Manis Integrated Port Sdn Bhd


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